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The Law Offices of Timothy Dugan was founded in 2018 following the dissolution of Tim's prior firm, Dugan & Leger. Tim helped form  Dugan & Leger with the aim of providing the highest quality legal services at a reasonable price. Since we struck out on our own, our focus remains providing honest, , accurate, and reliable information so our clients can make the best decisions with their case. 


Bolivia, North Carolina has been our home since we began practicing. We don't just cross the bridge to collect a paycheck. Our firm lives in the same community that we serve. We support our local businesses right here in Brunswick County, and have chosen to make Brunswick County our home. 

Founding attorney Tim Dugan has served on the Brunswick County Court-Appointed attorney's list since 2015, providing the same high quality legal services to those most needing a public defender. This experience has provided the firm with the opportunity to assist hundreds, if not thousand's of people in Brunswick and it's surrounding counties. Hundreds of cases resolved, scores of trials, motions and hearings. Our experience speak's for itself, and offers our future clients the honest, accurate,  and reliable to base their case decisions on. 

Aggressiveness in an attorney means someone not afraid to fight for their clients. Whether that "fight"  requires arguing with prosecutors or judges on points of law, going full-out on an arresting law enforcement officer during cross examination, or just not backing down against an insurance adjuster,  an aggressive attorney is one that will stand up for you to protect your rights. Often, even the slightest of details, if not pursued, can change the outcome of a case. When hiring an attorney, make sure you trust that attorney to go the distance when needed. 



My goal, since I first started the practice of law, has always been to treat each client like I would want a member of my family to be treated by an attorney. The horror stories of clients "being just another case" or a "file number" to their attorney are incredibly difficult to hear. Generally, people only seek legal assistance during the darkest storms of their live. Whether that storm is a pending criminal charge that can cost someone their freedom, or an injury that can prevent someone from doing the things they love, my mission as an attorney is to provide each client with the highest quality legal service.


You speak directly with your attorney.

We return calls and provide consistent updates on cases.

We don't sugar coat, or provide disingenuous "opinions" to secure greater fees.


Trusting your attorney is paramount to obtaining a good result with your case. We chose the lighthouse as our logo for that exact reason. Our aim to provide a beacon of light during your time of need, to stand tall, consistently. We have helped many people navigate their darkest storms, and we hope you will contact us if you are ever in need.   

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